Monday, June 4, 2012

Life with Opie: Finding Opie

Opie looking his best for Basic Obedience
Graduation Day.

Opie is now one year old. 

He is a black and white Pit Bull/Labrador mix. His mother was named Oreo and was a black and white Pit Bull. His dad was a silly yellow Lab.

We found Opie after 4 days of whining in the tree line at the back of the property. We had looked for 4 days but he was hard to find because he was black and kept hiding from us. On the 4th day, hunger and fleas brought him to us. He was about 6 weeks old.

The "breeder" said we could keep him so our first order of business was to get him healthy. With his happy personality and his "I can do this" attitude, that didn't take long.

Opie recently graduated from Advanced Obedience. The thing to remember when you take Obedience classes is that they are your starting place. The pups don't leave all trained and ready for off leash activities. You still need to work with your dog regularly so that those new skills become routine.

In Opie's case, he was what I call a Winter Puppy. A lot of his puppyhood took place in the winter when it was hard to find groups of people to pet him and to socialize him. Because of his love of every person and every dog, he has some immature and rude behaviors because he isn't totally socialized.

That is our goal for this summer, to learn manners and to practice all his commands out in The World.
I'll keep you posted on his progress!