Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tips for Camping with Your Dog

It's time for Summer get-a-ways and family vacations.  If your vacation plans include camping with your dog along, here are some tips and links that you might find helpful!

Safety First 

  • Make sure your dog's vaccinations are current and that you have adequate supplies of any medications he may need.  It's the great outdoors and the Fleas, Ticks and other biting insects will be plentiful, so preventative applications are going to help.  
  • Put together a Doggie First Aid Kit with items like: ear & eye drops, tick tweezers, bandages, antiseptic, rubbing alcohol and poison absorb gel for pets.
  • Take precautions in case your dog gets lost, keep identification on him.  Make sure your dog is tagged with contact information. at the very least.  Micro chipping or tattooing is a much better method as collars and tags can become damaged and lost.

Keeping Tabs on Your Dog

  • Consider a "Play Pen" for your dog.  There are many options for folding wire pens to give your pooch room to play, yet keep them away from campfires, etc.
  • Bring extra leashes and ropes.  If you are in a campground, you will be required to keep you dog on a leash.  You can also make a zip line tying a rope between two trees and suspending a leash from it.  *It is recommended to use a harness with the zip line, as your dog may pull and choke. NEVER tie your dog up with a choke or pinch collar on.

Food & Water

  • Avoid upset stomachs by bringing plenty of your dog's regular food.  Make sure you have packed enough clean drinking water for everyone, including your dog.  Our dogs can get sick from drinking lake, stream or puddle water, so don't encourage it.  Bring a container to pour bottled water into if you are out hiking or playing.  Also, if you are getting lots of exercise from hiking, etc., you are building up an appetite and so is your dog.  He may need extra food to make up for all the fun you are having!

Bring Familiar Items for Sleeping and Play

  • Having familiar toys and blanket/sleeping pad will help your dog feel better about being in a strange place.

Plenty of Exercise

  • Exercise is a stress reliever for all of us, including our dogs.  Plus, the bonus of a well exercised dog...he's tired!  Get out and explore.  If you are camping in Western Crawford County, PA..come visit us at the Conneaut Lake Bark Park!
Need more information? These links just might make your tail wag!
Do you have some "Camping with Your Dog" tips to share? Post them in the comments!

Therapy Dog Testing in June!

Did you ever think about having a certified therapy dog?  It is without a doubt one of the most rewarding volunteering experience.  There are several therapy dog organizations available but the Conneaut Lake Bark Park is associated with Therapy Dogs Incorporated
One of our Paws Hand Delivered dogs during a visit.

Therapy dogs should be

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Survived The 2012 Canine Carnival T-Shirt

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For more information about the Conneaut Lake Bark Park and our events, contact Sue Anderson at

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Importance of Socializing Your Dog: Dogs Need Friends, Too

Copper & Henry at the
Conneaut Lake Bark Park 2012
Dogs need continued socialization throughout their lives.  Many dog owners, by attending training classes,  have taken the first step in socializing their dogs.  

With the Conneaut Lake Bark Park, owners have an opportunity to continue to provide opportunities for their dogs to socialize and play with other dogs of similar temperament and size, while providing a place where their canine companion can participate and play safely with other dogs. 

Conneaut Lake Bark Park Play Groups 

The Bark Park will work with pet owners and attempt to find groups of dogs that can play together.  The Bark Park encourages all owners to consider bringing their dog to the bark park and joining a play group. 

 At present we have a group that meets during the morning hours and another group that primarily meets in the late afternoon or week-ends.  Both of these groups regularly using the bark park have been the larger and sometimes the “crazier” dogs.  Dogs of all sizes and breeds can definitely benefit from regular play time with dogs of similar size and temperament. 

The Bark Park would like to work with all dog owners from puppies to older dogs to establish group play times at the park.  For more information about our Play Groups, contact Sue Anderson at

Need some help understanding how to socialize your dog?

Local Dog Trainer, Katara Peters, offers Puppy through Advanced Obedience Training.  Katara also  assists in Temperament Testing at the Bark Park.  We encourage you to enroll your dog in an obedience class in your area.  Interested in talking to Katara?  You can contact her at

Here are some helpful links:
We welcome you and your dog to Come, Sit, Stay! at the Conneaut Lake Bark Park very soon!  Check out our 2012 Dog Friendly Events at our website

~Sue Anderson