Monday, November 24, 2014

Safe and Happy Holiday Dogs

Dogs and common Holiday foods

We want you and your dog to enjoy the holiday season. The availability of food, especially for the counter surfing expert (aka your canine), can make your dog very sick and possibly kill him.
Keep a supply of vomit inducing medicine on hand if your dog eats items from our list or anything else that could harm them.  I had a black Lab mix who ate an entire bottle of ibuprofen once, it happens.

Dogs and your guests

Educate your guests and think clearly when hosting company to avoid mishaps. These tips may help.

●Secure your pet in another room if you have concerns over how they will respond to people in the house. Some dogs may feel threatened and others so excited that they can't contain themselves (literally). Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like cleaning up a pee puddle in front of company.

●Set up guidelines of kids around the pets. Let's not let any bites happen.  Children need to be taught how to interact with dogs.  

●Instruct guest on not leaving doors open , leaving gates open outside. Don't let the family bonding activity be scouring the neighborhood for a runaway. It would be awful to remember the day because your dog got hit by a car.

●Do not give table scraps to the pets. See the list of bad foods. Also, in addition to pee puddles,  you'll be cleaning up Doggy puke ... or you know something nasty from his other end.

●Don't pick up the food that might drop near the dog. Your dog may already feel uncomfortable with all the company.  Your normally happy guy may snap or bite. Try to distract him away with a safe treat or toy, then have someone pick up the food.

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