Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Loco's Story

The Story of Loco
By Kelly Potter
One day while i was just browsing my face book page the story of Loco appeared on the Lumberjack Rescue site in Louisiana. Loco was found by Mark who works for an oil/gas company in Shreveport, LA.  .  Mark was checking well sights when he came upon Loco on the railroad tracks, curled up, starved and alone.  The local veterinarian believed Loco would  not have lasted another day if Mark had not had the compassion to scoop up the pup into his jacket and take him home.    Mark took photos that day of the pup knowing people would not believe what he found on those tracks that day, July 16th.  Mark  contacted Cora, his co-worker, who is now fostering Loco, and Cora contacted Justin , who is the head of the Lumberjack Rescue.  Justin agreed to bring the pup into the rescue.  Loco was immediately taken to the local vet where Loco was diagnosed with Parvo and  spent approx a week receiving iv antibiotics and iv fluids. After some extended medical care, Loco was finally released to Cora   and  was given his name, Loco, because he was found on  the RR tracks for the locomotive.  The story of Loco caught my eye and my heart and soul, but Louisiana?  I talked to my sister who told me to go with my heart.  I posted daily to the rescue sight, (as many others, Loco had a huge following) and shared  my adventures of my two other dogs Hermie and Nellie and their adventures at the  Bark Park.

I found out Loco had a scheduled adopter but that the adoption had not occurred.  I scrambled and started making contacts with the rescue and knew i had to put an application in immediately. I sent a quick bio to the rescue stating what an awesome home Loco would have here  My heart sank when i was told that another application had arrived prior to mine and  with a rescue sight it is first come first serve, but that if for some reason it did not work out they would notify me.  I continued to post on the rescue site sharing pictures and stories of my pups and their adventures at the Bark Park  and posted to the rescue that i  had to admit i was sad for myself, but happy for Loco and the new adopter, and that as long as Loco was going to a wonderful forever home, that is what rescuing is all about, and i had to put my sadness aside.

But miracles can happen.  A week later I received a private message  from Cora  stating Justin wanted to talk to me.  I quickly called Justin and was told that the second adoption was not going to happen, the lady was heart- broken but asked if Loco would be able to come to me since she had seen all my post of Nellie and Hermie at the Bark Park.  I believe Justin could have heard me without a phone all the way to  Louisiana when I heard  Loco was mine.

It has been a month now and the rescue has been over flowing down south  with new dogs coming in daily which has taken up a lot of their time. They have been working with Pilots for Paws trying to get  Loco home to me,  but cannot fill all the legs of the trip.  Other avenues have been looked at and unfortunately there is always a missing link.  I reached out to the place that I call a piece of heaven, stating I needed angels to help me get my baby home. Thanks to the support and love at Conneaut Lake Bark Park Loco will make it home to Meadville.  The Bark Park has decided to initiate a new program   The Lucky Loco Foundation that  will not only help my baby boy, but other rescues in the future.    God bless the rescuers for all they do, the volunteers and for Conneaut Lake Bark Park …….for bringing my baby home. 

Kelly Potter with her two canine loves Hermie and Nellie.  We look forward to future photos of the whole family once Loco arrives!