Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Beagle Cookies

When my oldest boy was one, he had this hopping Snoopy Easter Beagle.  It was one of those things we had to take EVERYWHERE.  Luckily that experience has not turned me off adorable Beagles in bunny ears.

If you love Beagles in bunny ears, too, these special treats might be perfect for your Easter party!

Found at and so adorable!  Visit the site for more cute ideas!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Keeping your dog off the grass... and other fairy tales

No, I don't really want to keep my dog off the grass, but looking at the mess in my backyard right now, filling up the whole area with gravel doesn't sound too bad.  Since the gravel idea isn't feasible, I put a little more thought into making the situation better.

My yard is not currently fenced in and our two dogs are taken out for potty breaks on leash.  My human kids are "trained" to take the furry ones to the same spot, which is great, however this also leaves a well worn path.  The dogs also pee as soon as they get to grass so the area right off our patio is polka dotted with dead grass spots.

A little quick research has taught me that I need to purchase some Kentucky Bluegrass seed.  This is a cool weather tolerant grass that will reseed itself (good for those dead pee-pee spots) and is more durable to higher traffic.  We also have laid down a path, which looks much nicer and keeps some of the mud off shoes and paws.

Just like we are doing, training your dogs to use one particular area for relieving themselves is best.  It takes a little extra effort, but by taking your pup out on leash or having a smaller fenced in area where they are put in when it's potty time, you are establishing a routine.  Routine is a very good thing.  Once upon a time, I had three dogs and a house without a fence.  We always took them to the same spot in a low traffic area of the yard.  Eventually we had the yard fenced in and guess what?  The dogs still went to that same area and did their deal.  Sure makes cleaning up those land mines much easier!

So let's look forward to warm weather and green grass!  Do you have some suggestions?  We'd love to hear them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bark Park Membership Reminders

Bark Park Membership Reminders    

                                                April 2014
1.      It is very important for all pet owners to be sure your dog’s health requirements for the Bark Park are up to date. Pay particular attention to bordatella, and the required fecal.  For your convenience, you can have your vet fax the health information update to 814-382-2267.

2.     We are presently having trouble with the water line to the field area.  There is water in a 5 gallon container by the water pump and there is water at the end of the asphalt area near the picnic tables at the dog house.

3.     If you are considering having your dog in day care, check with Melanie and complete a temperament screening for day care.  Then, you will be able to use the facility at any time.  All Bark Park membership renewals for 3 months or longer qualify for one free day at doggie day care. 

4.     If you use coupons, coupons can be placed in a basket in the trailer.  We have added a 25 visit coupon book for $85.00, good for one year from time of purchase.

5.     There is pop, water, chips, and crackers available for purchase in the trailer.  Just leave the money in the dog dish.

6.     Use the Bark Park for your dog’s birthday party.  Call us for details.

7.      There are 10 different membership options and special discounts available at the Bark Park.  Check out the April newsletter found on the website or call and let us help you find the membership program that is best for you.

8.     Red Barn Gallery will open on Saturdays and Sundays beginning May 3rd.  Be sure to check it out.

9.     After dock diving, stop at the laundra-mutt, bring your own towels, and  just rinse off your dog for $3.00.  Use all services including shampoo, dryer, and our towels for a flat rate of $6.00.

Membership information can be found on our website!  Click here.

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions or concerns, please let us know.  We want Conneaut Lake Bark Park to be the very best dog park for members and their canine companions.

Spring Dog Gone Fun Day

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Extended Hours for Doggie Day Care and Pet Sitting Now at the Bark Park

Extended Hours for Doggie Day Care and Pet Sitting Now at the Bark Park

As of April 1st, Conneaut Lake Bark Park has extended its Doggie Day Care program to include Saturdays from 7am – 9 pm and  Sunday  from 9am – 5pm.  Weekdays remain available from 7am – 7pm.  Doggie day care can provide an alternative to pet owners who like to spend extended hours participating in various spring and summer activities including boating, swimming, golfing, taking a short day trip, etc.  Instead of stopping activities to go home and let the dog out, simply drop off the dog in the morning and pick them up in the early evening. And, there is no need to worry about the family dog left at home alone, confined, crated or roaming free through-out the house.  When friends travelling with dogs come to visit, don’t  worry about leaving all of the dogs together to rough house or get into trouble Just drop off any or all of the dogs at doggie day care. Contact Melanie, the Dog House/Bark Park Manager at 814-382-2267 and make arrangements for a worry free summer when friends and relatives are visiting or you are enjoying a relaxing day at the lake.

Pet sitting is another alternative caring program for your pet?  Pet sitting allows the dog (or cat) to stay in a familiar setting and have someone stop by the home and take care of them during the time their owner is away at work or when the dog needs special care when the owner is not available.  Most pet sitting services are scheduled  between 7 am in the morning until  9 pm in the evening but some pet sitting services can include staying overnight in the pet owner’s home. For some pets and especially the older/geriatric pet, moving out of the house to an unfamiliar setting such as a boarding kennel or a doggie day care facility can be traumatic. Before making any arrangements for your pet, be sure to consider all of the possibilities, including cost, convenience, services available and most importantly, the individual needs of the dog. The Bark Park is now offering pet sitting services designed especially for the comfort of your dog.  Call the Dog House at 814-382-2267 to make the necessary arrangements.