Monday, June 4, 2012

Life with Opie: A Dock Diver!

Opie the Swimmer
Opie loves the water. He learned to swim in our little pond before our Newfoundland puppy did.

At the Hot Diggity Dog event at the Bark Park on May 19, I took Opie with me. Ron Oswald and his Doberman, Ruby, were going to the pond so we joined them. Ruby was running into the pond and jumping into the water and Opie, with his dramatics, was crying, touching the water, and fussing. Eventually, he stepped in.

I threw Opie's bumper into the water a few feet and again, after the dramatics, he went in and got it. Then I threw it about 5 feet, then 8 feet and finally, Opie just leapt off the side of the pond into the water.

He LOVED it!! He was so excited. I threw it several times and Opie jumped into the water each time with such joy.

Then Ron said that I should try him on the dock. The Bark Park has an official Dock Diving dock with classes for beginners and advanced dogs.

I wasn't sure about this but I took Opie up on the dock and showed him the end of it with the drop and then threw his bumper. Off he went! And then he jumped off 4 more times. Opie had a wonderful day.

When we got home, Opie came to me several times in the evening and put his head on my lap as if to say "Thanks Mom. I had a great day." Going to the Bark Park for Opie is like going to Doggy Disney World.

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