Thursday, June 25, 2015

14 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

With the beginning of family vacations, it is time to once again remind our Bark Park members and friends to follow some simple guidelines when taking Fido along on a family vacation.  For many pet owners, they can’t even imagine leaving their canine buddy behind.  Below are 14 things to remember when traveling with the dog.

1. Bring food and water from home to avoid any digestive problems.

2. Pack all medications and supplements to avoid missed doses.

3. Carry an up to date shot record and a picture of your pet in the glove compartment at all times.

4. Attach current up to date name tags to your pet’s collar.  Make sure rabies tags are on the collar.
Make sure the collar is snug enough and the dog cannot back out of the collar.

5. Exercise your pet prior to departure. A tired pet is usually a better traveler.

6. Plan pet friendly places along the way for stopping, eating, overnights, dog parks, etc.  There are many free apps for your phone that will help you locate pet friendly establishments.  Here are some to look at

7. Be sure to pack a lead and place it on the dog before you open the door to let your dog out.

8. Pack toys and possible favorite chew toy.

9. Have a pet first aid kit handy at all times.  These can generally be purchased at local pet stores or you can make your own.  Here is a good start

10. Be sure to stop every two hours for exercise and potty breaks.  Carry poop bags.

11. Travel on an empty stomach to avoid car sickness.  Try to feed at least four hours prior to
departure to prevent car sickness.  

12. Restrain your pet with a harness, pet seat barrier, or a wire cage, to keep the dog safe in case of an accident.

13. Consider these additional items:

  • Dog Bed or blanket the pet uses
  • Terry towels and paper towels for possible clean-ups
  • Two leashes, a short one and a longer one. 

14. Location of a vet at your destination.

Vacationing with your dog may take a little extra work, but it can be a wonderful experience.  Have some tips to share?  We'd love to hear them.  Comment below!

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